do you love your neighbor?

A while back I went to a missions training seminar in Nashville. Troy Bush taught us the LYNTYS program. LYNTYS stands for Love Your Neighbor Tell Your Story. His point was if we love people, they will be willing to hear about our faith.  Recently CrossPointe gave away free water at a festival, armbands at another festival, free gas, free food, etc. We had one family in particular bake cookies and take them up to the fire station. The next weekend we were at a festival in downtown and a few firefighters told us how much they appreciated our church.

In our first year we tried really hard to get our name out there. Now were are trying to get people to remember us as the church that loves people. If people feel the love, they’ll listen to the truth. If we really love people, why is it that so often we pass right by their needs?…If we as Christians lived and loved as we should, the world would be a much different place.


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