Top Ten Signs your church is being affected by the economy

10. To save money, your board opts not to use the heaters this december, they call it “bring your own blanket month.”

9. The Ladies Auxillary suggests your church start a daycare, not as a ministry, but as a source of income.

8. Your new church tracts are printed on paper towels.

7.  To save water the deacons have set a limit of one visit per person to the restroom.

6. You have candle services every sunday and wednesday night to save power.

5. The church sign is being rented out for adspace.

4. You charge admission into Sunday School.

3. You have decided that city water is over-rated and begin pumping from that lake behind your property (kids can’t taste the difference). 

2. You start a second service, not because you need the space, but because the church needs another offering.

1. You switch from FWB to Presbyterian, just to save water at baptism(sprinkling instead of immersion).


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