raising support

Well it looks like Casie and I will hit the road again this winter. Giving to our Home Missions account has steadily dropped, and we need to raise about $1,500 dollars per month in additional giving. We love travelling, but hate being away from CrossPointe.  We love meeting awesome people in FWB, but hate not seeing our people in Suffolk.

I was talking to some Missions students recently. I explained to them that fund-raising is the toughest thing we’ve had to do. Nobody likes constantly asking for money. I told them there would come a point where they realize they aren’t begging for a living, but they are depending on God’s people and churches to support them as they go where the Lord has called. I can honestly say the last 2 years of being a home missionary has opened my eyes to how hard it is to raise support, but also how rewarding it is to make so many new friends. Please pray for us as we begin scheduling services and travelling.


3 thoughts on “raising support

  1. Dear Marc and Cassie,
    I am praying for you both and I am so glad
    that Cassie is getting better. Now we will pray for
    the bronchitis! I sure that raising support is very
    very hard and I will pray harder for the money to
    come in for you! I Love reading all your stories
    especially about the burrito. Your doing a great
    work their in Suffolk we don’t want to see you have to go back on the road. Thank you for all
    your hard work! In Christ, Mrs. Ruth Glass

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