Monthly Update from CrossPointe

I hope you are enjoying the fall colors. I know I am not enjoying the fast approaching winter temperatures. One thing CrossPointe has enjoyed is a steady flow of visitors at church this fall. We are seeing people visit our church just about every week. We have many who have been coming for about four weeks now. Please especially pray for two individuals who have been coming that aren’t saved. Pray God would speak to their hearts. They are friends of our regulars, and have been coming for about 3-4 weeks now. One man has been under conviction and asked for a Bible last week. Pray God will continue to speak to his heart. We are praying we can see him accept Christ soon.

We want to say “Thank you” to everyone who prayed for Casie while she was sick. She had H1N1 at the end of October. She still has a pretty bad couogh, but the fever and other flu symptoms seem to be gone. Our church has been hit hard with alot of sickness, as I am sure many other churches have been.

We have some bad news about the land we have been pursuing in Suffolk. It is part of the 460 Bypass project plans. Basically the state plans on building a road right over most of the property. Our new governor has promised this project is one of his highest priorities coming into office. It looks definite that this property will be paved over by the new highway in the future. However, we have been looking at a new building. It is 13,000 sf, and has room for a sanctuary, kids service, and a gym. It is $800,000 and needs some work externally and internally as well as a parking lot. We are looking at how much we would need to raise/borrow to even make it a reality. Pray for us as we start over in our search for a permanent place to meet. We have a lot to pray about, but we also have a great God to pray to.

Keep praying,

Marc and Casie


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