20 Things I am Thankful for

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for alot of things but these are my top 20.

1. Salvation -duh

2. Casie- I don’t know how I got her, but I did

3. Family- without them no one would laugh at my jokes

4. Friends- without them I would have no one to joke

5. Christian home and education

6. Good health

7. Ministry- I love doing it and I get paid to do it, sounds to good to be true (but it’s not)

8. All of our faithful supporters and churches praying for us -without them we couldn’t do what we do

9. I have never missed a meal

10. A comfortable home and reliable transportation

11. Freedoms I enjoy as an American- just look overseas and you won’t take freedom for granted

12. God’s faithfulness even when I am not faithful

13. My mentors- they keep my grounded and growing

14. Youth Pastors, Gene and David both did a great job

15. In-laws- who else would watch our dog while we travel?

16. The NAFWB Missions Departments- they really are the best and will do anything for you

17. That God doesn’t always give me what I think I want

18. That God promises to take care of my needs as long as I am seeking His Kingdom-Matthew 6:33 (really helps alleviate stress)

19. Every soldier who gives their life to defend the freedoms I enjoy

20. God’s wonderful creation- oceans are great for surfing, mountains are great for climbing, and every sunrise I get to see blows me away


One thought on “20 Things I am Thankful for

  1. You are so right about all our many blessinga!!
    Thank you for naming them. We should never
    forget them and thank the Good LORD each day
    for how Wonderful He is!! You are a very big blessing. You and Cassie!! God Bless You Both!

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