Christmas shopping is my new part time job

I am realizing the next three weeks will be crazy busy at church and at home. We are trying to put together some gift baskets to give to every family that has ever visited our church. We are getting CrossPointe labeled coffee mugs and filling them with chocolate, candy canes, hot chocolate packets, a CrossPointe pen, and a CrossPointe magnet. We hope this is a way to get back into contact with the many people who have fallen out of church. It’s pretty crazy trying to design and order all this stuff and get it ready in time to pass out before Christmas. Note to self, next year come up with Christmas  ideas in October. On top of that we are actively looking at a building we might try to purchase and renovate into a church facility. All while fulfilling our regular church responsibilities.

However the most time consuming side job I think we have this time of year is shopping for people. We have 15 people to buy for on one side of the family and even more relatives on the other side. It’s easy to shop for hours and only make a small dent on your list. But I must say, I love shopping for friends and family. It’s always fun to get something you know someone will love. We spend what seems like forever making lists and debating what to get people-because we love them.

My encouragement for all of us is to be sure and keep the Christmas focus on Jesus. I love shopping for Casie, but Christmas isn’t about her. I love spending time with family, but they aren’t the reason for the season. The best part of Christmas isn’t what I can give to  people- it’s what God gave me centuries ago in a stable. No stockings, no ribbons, or hot chocolate, just the Son of God sent to rescue us all.When we needed Him most God sent His only Son. On December 26th all the decorations and trimmings will be put away, but this gift remains forever in our hearts. So when the Christmas Season gets crazy (and it will) take a second and thank God for what He gave us.


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