Christmas came early at CrossPointe

There is alot to be thankful for at CrossPointe. We have had alot of visitors lately. We had over 80 in church yesterday. We had our first missions service and our people took really good care of Tim and Jessica Hodges, home missionaries to CO. We even had our first children’s choir special at church. However something happened this weekend that I am especially thankful for. Lisa and Jim have been coming to our church since October, 2008. They came because they met us at the Peanut Festival. Since then they have been so faithful to church. They are always the first to volunteer and help out. This year they helped at the booth at the Peanut Festival. The strange thing is, all this time Lisa has been open about the fact that she was lost. She claimed to be an atheist, but loved our people so much she just kept coming with Jim. Jim is a believer and has been praying for her the whole time.

Saturday morning Lisa was helping us prepare to pass out some Christmas gifts to everyone who has ever visited our church. She was at Pastor David’s house getting ready to go deliver her batch of gifts. David has talked with Lisa many times about salvation, but Saturday morning she was finally ready to pray. There were times we wondered how much longer it might take. We knew God was working on her, but she was just so in her words “stubborn.” Praise the Lord Saturday December 19th, 2009 Lisa’s name was written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. I can’t think of anything more precious for our church to receive this Christmas than one more believer. 

Thanks to all of you for praying. We are seeing God move in a great way thanks to your prayers.


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