2009 reflections…what is a good year?

What defines a good year? As I look back at 2009 I think of all the highs and lows. As far as highs go we have alot to be thankful for. We are in good health. Our fridge has food in it. Our ministry is growing,. People are getting saved. We visited some wonderful churches this year in AL, VA and NC. We had a great time visiting friends at NAFWB Convention. We stepped into new roles (musically) in the church we never imagined we would be doing. We have a comfortable home. And there is so much more we could mention.

When we think of the lows of 2009 we think of the loss of my cousin Troy on 9-30-09. Nothing compares to the loss of a loved one, but we know we’ll see Troy again. In 2009 the Owens moved to FL to further their education. Keith Owens led our music and did a fantastic job. We had a big gap to fill when he left, but God provided. We also watched some people slip out of church this year. However, with every disappointment God created an opportunity for us to grow. When we lost Troy it taught us to be thankful for the time we have. When we lost volunteers in the church, God challenged new people to volunteer and lead. When people fell out of church it made us thankful for those who are so faithful.

Every year is just 52 weeks of opportunities to learn and grow. I have learned that a good year is not determined by how much you do, how much you succeed, or how much you gain. A good year is determined by how much you learn and grow as a result of that knowledge. My hope and prayer is that 2010 is full of lessons, both those I enjoy learning as well as those lessons that may bring me pain. Let’s learn and grow together in 2010!


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