POWER-it can be our weakest attribute

Americans have watched in horror as millions of dollars worth of food, supplies, and water has been bottle-necked just miles from the people who need them the most in Haiti. There are numerous reasons we can’t get supplies in, some are to be expected, others are just heart-breaking displays of human nature. A man in our church is actually the captain of one of the boats sitting off the shore of Haiti. He said there is a simple reason his supplies and men can’t go ashore. According to him, the higher ups in different departments of the US governement and military are arguing over who will be in charge and who will get the credit.

As sad as this seems, the first thing I thought of when I heard this was how often this happens in our culture as well. Sadly I had to admit that even in our churches this mentality tends to creep in. Often we are so concerned about who is in charge, we miss the greatest opportunity all around us. The people arguing over control are wasting precious time and in the process sealing thousands of haitians fate. Let’s not let the church get so entangled in power struggles that we lose sight of our main purpose.

In summary, right now thousands of needed supplies are being kept away from those who need it most by a power struggle. The truth is we have a much needed resource in our possession, let’s not be guilty of letting our petty pride keep us from taking the  Gospel to those who need it so very much.


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