Jelly Bean Prayers

A few nights ago I was in the home of a new family at CrossPointe. The husband has just been deployed to Iraq for six months. He, his wife and teenage son recently got saved. I found out while I was at their house that night that Avery had just gotten saved and wants to be baptized just like his Mom and Dad.  I was talking with their teenage  son Tyler, when Avery asked if it was time to eat jelly beans and pray for dad. They explained that each family member has a jar with 180 (6 months) jelly beans in it. Every night they eat one jelly bean and each say a prayer for Brian while he serves in Iraq. That night they invited me to eat a jelly bean (blue I think) and say a prayer too. I was honored to be included in such a great tradition they’ve started. Most of all I was excited to see these new believers praying as a family.

Just a moment this week I thought would touch your heart. So the next time you eat a jelly bean would you pray for Brian Zimmerman in Iraq? I know every time I see  jelly beans now, I can’t help but think about Brian and his safe return.


2 thoughts on “Jelly Bean Prayers

  1. What an awesome tradition. A fun way to make sure we remember to pray each and every day for the ones we love.

  2. Thank you for sharing such a heart warming story. We will make sure to pray for all of the Zimmerman Family! May God continue to use Cross Pointe to reach souls in Suffolk!
    -The Perez Family

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