Leaders live it

I have worked for several types of people throughout my life. I have had good bosses, bad bosses, and everything in between. When I was younger I worked for a business man who owned several businesses.  He also owned a lot of property and a small lawn business. He hired me to mow lawns and work on his rental properties. I will never forget my first day on the job. He and I mowed lawns, fixed houses and just generally got our hands dirty on a hot sweaty day. He had lots of managers, associates, and employees he could have sent to train me, but it was important to him that he personally showed me what he expected by doing it with me. He passed up meetings that were far more important that day to get to know me and how I work. I respected him from that day forward, because I knew he was a hard worker who expected me to be a hard worker. The longer I was with the company the more I respected my boss. He was always respectful and an especially caring man. He would loan people money even when everyone in the company knew he would never get that money back. What impressed me most about him was his ability train many people at many different jobs.

My heroes in ministry are much the same. I look up to guys who know the importance of working alongside people. Too many pastors try to preach their people into holiness. We have to show them what it is to live for Christ everyday. Preaching is important, but often our lives on Saturday speak to hearts louder than our fancy little outline on Sunday. Leaders aren’t people who tell others what to do. Leaders are people who show others what to do. My goal is not to preach to people with my words, but to preach with my life and my words. I hope and pray that we can show people true Christianity, instead of just telling them about it.


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