lesson learned-the necessity of the Holy Spirit

Yesterday we had a great service at First FWB Church in Bristol VA. David Mizelle has been pastor for about 6 months and the church has really done well since he got there. Yesterday morning I presented the work and preached the AM message. I have to be completely honest, it wasn’t the best message I’ve ever delivered (every preacher knows when things go well). My remote started acting up early in the presentation, I ran through my sermon, and mishandled the invitation. However, David Mizelle gave the audience a chance to respond and people started coming forward. Then a family came forward with their teenage son. His name was Matt. He accepted Christ, and after the closing prayer announced to everyone in the room he was sorry for how he’d treated his family.

It was sobering and at the same time a big relief to realize- the Holy Spirit does the drawing. I am responsible for proclaiming the Gospel. God had been dealing with that young man for days. I just happened to be there yesterday. I am thankful it’s not up to me to draw people. I must rely upon the Holy Spirit.

I believe I needed yesterday to show me how guilty I am of overlooking the necessity of the Holy Spirit. I have a tendency to worry about the details of a service (music selection, timing of the service elements, no dead spots in a service, etc.), but I believe God desires for me to spend more time praying for the Holy Spirit. A perfect service with well-timed music, great organization, perfect sermon delivery, and no Holy Spirit is a complete waste of time. Don’t get me wrong I strive for excellence in every service we have. However, God has really burdened me lately that I need to spend more time praying than I do planning. Just my thoughts after a great Sunday, with a great lesson I needed.


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