grieve with hope

A few days ago a family in our church got some terrible news. Danielle and Greg have been at our church since just about the beginning. They have three young boys who love coming to church. However, monday Danielle’s mom and step-father were in a terrible car accident. Her mother passed away and her step-father is in critical condition. This is especially hard because Danielle lost her dad just over a year ago. The family is grieving, but the silver lining is Danielle’s mom was a believer. As difficult as death is, knowing we will see the person again gives us a unique hope. I heard a young widow remark once that as christians we can “grieve with hope.”

I must admit that grieving is always difficult for me, but knowing the one we lost is in heaven gives us a hope unlike any other. I hope you will pray for the Gidding family. Pray for the Danielle and Greg as well as the boys. We are so thankful that Danielle’s mom was a believer, but we know these are going to be very difficult days. Please pray for Danielle’s brother who is not a believer. We are praying that God soften his heart. Thanks in advance for your prayers.


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