Why I love kid’s ministry


When I was in college I had a real fear of speaking to children under the age of 10. A large part of my ministry at CrossPointe is teaching kids of every age. Speaking to Teens and Adults has always been relatively comfortable to me, but speaking to little ones presented a unique challenge that I didn’t want to tackle. I had to learn to let go. I had to learn to get out of my confort zone. To really communicate with kids I can’t be concerned with how I look or sound. To be honest I know for a fact I look really silly when I am teaching the kids sometimes. However, that is when I really connect with the kids. The kids aren’t impressed with a college degree, alliterated points, perfectly timed transitions, etc. Actually the kids love silly little illustrations about my dog Griffin.

I love that every Sunday morning I get to worship with kids who enjoy real worship, enjoy having a good time learning about God, and enjoy allowing Jesus to change their hearts. Shouldn’t we as Christians have the faith of a child? I believe we should have the faith of a child, as well as the joy kids seem to hold on to through the toughest of situations. Just a random thought after a long rewarding day in kid’s ministry.


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