Fall is here!!!

It’s been a long summer, sorry we haven’t posted as many updates as we usually do. The summer was full of amazing experiences for our church, teens, family, and me personally.

We went to JR camp in North Carolina. We got to take 9 kids from our church and 11 from a church in Richmond. It was a crazy week. The pool broke (awful). The weather was great though. We enjoyed spending time with the kids we brought and God moved in their hearts that week.

The following week we took out teens to Camp Jacob in Virginia. It was my first time speaking at a camp for teenagers. We had a great time playing games, and getting to know other youth groups from VA and NC. The Lord really used that week to speak to some of our teens who have been hit and miss at church. The teens would also want me to tell you that we almost died on the mountain roads…this of course is a severe exageration.

The week after that we had New Hope Youth group from Joelton TN come and run our VBS program for us. During the day they helped us pass out flyers and do some work around the church. The week was easily one of the best productions I’ve seen of VBS. They did a fantastic job, and the Lord blessed their efforts.

The week after that Casie and I hit the road. We stopped in Nashville to attend a friend’s wedding. Congratulations Tonya! Then we headed south to Alabama. We had three services in the Dothan area. Thanks Jason Miller for getting us in 3 churches! Casie and I decided to try and spend 2 days in Florida while we were down that way. This turned into a big mess. Our car broke down twice (this cost us time and lots of $). I have been in the state of florida 4 times I believe and have broken down three times…Florida and I don’t get along.

As soon as we got back from the deep South, we packed up and headed to the National Convention in Charlotte, NC. It was great to see family and friends from across the country. The services were great. We got to hear Courtney (our sister in law) sing in the adult service and hear some great speakers in the youth services. They even showed a sneak peek of the new Christian film “Courageous.” The Wednesday Night Missions service was moving, and Keith Burden did a tremendous job preaching.

The rest of the summer we had group after group come in to help us with projects. Sherwood Forest sent a group to help us work on the building and pass out flyers. A group from Shady Grove also came and helped us for a few days. They hosted a big Youth Activity one night and we had alot of visiting teenagers. A group from Parkers Chapel came for two days and helped us pass out flyers inviting people to church. Before we knew it, the summer was over and Fall was upon us…we are praying for God to move in our church this Fall, as many people get back into church.



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