it’s kind of a funny story

Okay, yesterday I posted pictures of our new classroom. Today I am going to post pictures of the same room after a little mishap. We’ll get to that in a second. The real story starts with Eddie and Dane. These two retired gentlemen in our church had a mutual friend named John. Dane and Eddie have been trying to witness to him for years. Dane said he has been his neighbor for over 30 years. Recently, John was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors told him there wasn’t much they could do. He was told to go home and enjoy his family. A few weeks ago Dane and Eddie visited John. He finally gave his heart to Jesus at the age of 72. His health made it difficult to be baptized so it was arranged for him to come by the church today and be baptized.

That brings us to the unfortunate event that took place. Someone (I won’t say who) left a hose filling up the portable bapistery. In the 30 minutes it was unattended, it managed to flood a good portion of the building (see the pictures). Fortunately carpet can be aired out, but all the laminate we just installed in the back class room has to come up.  The water spread into the auditorium, but did little more than dampen the carpet. A small portion of the fellowship hall will also need to be replaced. Thankfully insurance is covering everything, and ServPro of Suffolk did an excellent job jumping on the water cleanup. It’s a setback 5 days before our anniversary service, but it’ll all work out. Oh, and John was baptized with his wife, Dane, Eddie, David and me (Marc) there to witness. So a little good mixed with bad, but overall, just one of those days.



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