Questions teenagers ask (part 2)

Recently we started asking our teens to text, IM, and email us questions about the Bible, faith, and life. On the first Sunday of the month we address the questions we received the month before. I wanted to share with you what teenagers are asking, because I’m sure these questions are being asked by teenagers everywhere. Here are some questions and a short excerpt of how I answered them.

The first 3 questions can be found here

4. Is sex outside of marriage really wrong?

Before you gasp, I want you to understand the question. This teenager grew up in church, and knew that adultery was a sin. However, their question was really “I know sex outside marriage when married is a sin, but is sex before marriage a sin?” In other words, they had looked in the Bible and seemed to find no verse that condemns sex before marriage only sex outside (after) marriage. I was glad they had looked and studied God’s Word before asking. The truth is found in 1 Corinthians 7. Paul says concerning marriage it’s best to avoid it (during that time Christian persecution made marriage dangerous to young families.) Then Paul says, but if you can’t control yourself get married lest you fall into fornication. This makes it crystal clear that sex before marriage is fornication, which is sin.

5. If you already lost your virginity will God forgive you?
God made it known in His word that God is in the business of forgiving sin. Sin is sin and God desires to forgive our sins if we confess and forsake them. Virginity can’t be restored but purity can. We can be pure from this point forward, no matter what our past holds.


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