The most overlooked fundraising idea EVER

Today I was talking with some youth pastors and pastors I know about fundraising for teenagers in the church. We talked about all the things we had done that worked, and what had failed miserably. The prevailing theme became evident quickly: frustration. We talked about the time and effort poured into a huge event only to see teenagers raise $15 each. We’ve tried car washes, donuts, bake sales, yard sales, auctions, etc. We felt like if we didn’t raise over a thousand dollars (tons of work) it was a failure.
The turning point was listening to my friend Kevin explain that once he simply put the need out there to his church. He explained that kids were having trouble paying for camp, and if anyone wanted to help they could designate money to help a kid go to camp. He said the church responded generously and in 5 minutes he raised the money needed. The story Daniel told was similar. People heard the need and gave generously.
Here’s the point. Sometimes we work so hard and overlook the generosity of the church. The church is here to meet needs and help one another. Your church is probably full of adults who would love to help a kid go to camp, or pay their way to a retreat. We shouldn’t abuse their generosity, but we shouldn’t overlook the ability our people have to be a blessing.
Most people would rather donate $20 to the youth ministry need instead of buying $20 worth of junk for a fundraiser. So instead of thinking up new, exciting, money-making schemes to get funds raised, let’s try to let God’s people be a blessing from time to time.


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