details about our auditorium’s new look

A few weeks ago we added some space to our auditorium, and lost some Sunday school space. In all we added about 50-60 chairs to the actual room. Some have asked what we used for different parts of the project. Here are some details about the products we used.

We updated the stage lighting with 16 par 56 can lights (about $50 each on ebay or in a stage store in your town). To control these stage lights and our house (ceiling can) lights. We use a Lightronics TL-4008 that a church gave to us. In order to commmunicate with the lights we had to add another Lightronics AS-42L to the one the church gave us (about $450). The screens we used are 84″ Elite Screens from you can get them for about $175 each now. We had 2 projectors from 2 years ago when we met in the Hilton Garden Inn. They are 3200 Lumens as far as brightness, and have the ability to project in 4:3 or 16:9 (4:3 is native).

Our sound system remained relatively unchanged. The main speaker we use is a Bose L1 that we bought in 2008 for it’s portability. It was pricey back then (around 2k), but it has great sound for such an easy to carry speaker. We still use it and it blends into the new black backdrop nicely. There are speakers out there that are better at handling musical instruments and multiple voices than the L1 for less money, but it has worked well for us.

The board we use is about 2 years old now. It’s a Yamaha MG166CX and it has 16 inputs (plenty for now). It’s pretty inexpensive as far as boards go (about $400).

The curtain we hung against the back wall is also pretty inexpensive. We got 5 main curtains of varying heights for the wall for about $600 (much cheaper than framing out the wall to the new height). There are a few reasons we went with a black backdrop. First, to help our Sermon videos to pop. The speaker will look much better against a black stage curtain than  our lime green walls. Second, it allows us to run wires and cables behind the curtain seemlessly. We no longer have to snake wires through the wall. We left about 16″ of walking space behind the curtain for all these wires. Third, it really helps draw your attention to the stage. Before, the room felt small and informal. Now it feels much more like a church with attention drawn to the pulpit.


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