Summer Update

Every August and January, Home Missions does not send out newsletters. This blog post will serve as our update for August.

The summer has been busy, but encouraging. We just finished VBS. Unity FWB church sent their youth group to help us run VBS. They brought about 20 students and 6 sponsors. They put 2500 flyers on doors in our community in just 3 days. Throughout the week we had a high attendance of 23 kids and a low of 21 (pretty consistent). However, we had 5 visitors cards from kids and their families. One little girl is named Brianna. She came every night of VBS, as well as Sunday morning to church. Her family has never been to church before. Her mom was nervous about what to expect at church. Tonight, after church Brianna asked Jesus into her heart! It’s been a great week. We had some parents bring their kids who hadn’t been to church in a long time too.

Here is a picture of Brianna(in the front in the gray striped shirt).

We also enjoyed the Unity students leading our Sunday night service singing. Their Youth Pastor Adam Carnes preached a great message.We couldn’t have passed out that many flyers, decorated, and gotten so much work done around the church without their help. Here is Adam’s message from Sunday. (The preaching starts about 27:00 into the video, if you want to skip the music and announcements.)

Unity also helped by cleaning up an elderly lady’s yard, mulching the church flower beds, and volunteering at the Salvation Army. The students did a great job getting to know the kids. They went out of their way to spend time with each child, which made a huge difference. Kids came back excited to see their teenage buddies. Here are some more pictures from last week.


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