Our first 10 days fundraising



We got off to a great start at Gateway Church in Virginia Beach, VA. Pastor Brent Patrick is a great friend, and hooked us up with a great service. It was great to see friends and family. We thoroughly enjoyed presenting the work to our home church. Casie and I have fond memories of growing up here.

The following week we flew to Nashville to visit New Hope. Corey Minter (Casie’s brother) is the lead pastor. We had a great time visiting with Corey, Rachel and our niece Claire.


Monday through Wednesday, Marc had the opportunity to speak at the Welch student-led revival. The students put out buckets to collect spare change for a few days leading up to the revival. Can you believe they raised over $1300 for Project Portsmouth? Here is a photo of Marc and President Matt Pinson.


Wednesday night Marc presented Project Portsmouth at 180 Church in Clarksville, TN. Chad Kivette is also a church planter with Home Missions. It was great to be at one of our church plants Wednesday night.photo-5


Before the service, many families gathered to eat together. It reminded me so much of CrossPointe. I was also impressed, because they had 100 people on a week night!


photo-4The 180 kids helped lead worship. What a blast!

God is good. We’ve already raised about 20% of our needed monthly income for church expenses (rental facility, insurance, equipment purchases, etc). We’ve raised about 6% of our total needed launch money (advertising, startup costs). The next 6-9 months will be crucial. Pray we can raise the funds necessary to plant a church. Thanks to everyone who has already partnered with us!





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