prayer requests November 2014

Please pray with us for a few specific requests:


  • We have been meeting with potential launch team members over the past few months. Pray for the right team, not the biggest.
  • Rec centers, a former synagogue, a skating rink, and a local sports hall of fame… Just a few of the possible launch locations we’ve inspected and are considering.
  • We have some meetings coming up with local pastors and leaders in the community. We are praying that we can learn from their experience, as well as partner with them in many ways over the next few years.
  • We are scheduling services for spring 2015. Pray we partner with the right churches and individuals.
  • Jim Yates (member at CrossPointe) just had major heart surgery and is recovering. He’s a real servant and hates missing church.
  • Greg Willis (CrossPointe member) is awaiting a transplant and could really use your prayers.


Thanks for praying with us for Portsmouth!


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