We have two very specific items we will need in 2015. In a few weeks we’ll be transitioning into a more mobile work environment as we travel full time. Here are two tools we need to purchase:

1. We will need a macbook pro capable of handling large graphic design projects, short video editing projects, and eventually mobile church presentation software. As a result, it will need a good graphics card. Here’s what we’re looking to purchase. We’ve been using CrossPointe’s iMac this year, but will no longer be on site come January 1st.


2. We’ll also need to purchase a new projector. Our current projector has managed to last 7 years! It’s on its last leg, unfortunately. We’re hoping to purchase this.

*Someone recently gave to take care of this need!

We know that’s a tall order, but it’s basically all we’ll need to purchase over the next 6 months. If you or your church would like to help Project Portsmouth click here to give, or contact us ( about purchasing them outright and having them shipped to our door.


ps THANK YOU for a great year of partnership in 2014!


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