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Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. People ask, “what’s this launch team?” Others ask, “how does your launch team get together?” Here are some answers to questions we get asked a lot.

Q.What’s a launch team member?

A. A launch team member is an individual or family that’s decided to help us launch the church. They’ve committed to attending the first 90 days of our church plant when it launches. 

Q. What do launch members do before the church launches?

A. They attend regular planning meetings and will be involved in outreach and community service more and more as launch day approaches. 

Q. What’s expected of a launch team member?

A. We compel every launch team member to be involved in 1) prayer 2) serving 3) giving 4) Bible-study and 5) eventually small groups as we approach the launch.

Q. What do I get if I join the launch team?

A. 100 cool points redeemable wherever cool points are sold.

Q. Who can be a launch team member?

A. Literally anyone willing to commit to this endeavor. We don’t have a certain type of individual we’re looking for. This isn’t for everyone, but it’s for someone. That someone might just be you.

Q. What’s your timeline?

A. We plan to launch winter 2015/2016. For a more in-depth look at our timing checkout our detailed timeline.

Q. Where does the launch team meet?

A. It depends. We always meet in Portsmouth. We started meeting in our home, but that’s becoming more difficult as the team grows.

Q. How do I join the launch team?

A. Contact Marc (marcneppl@gmail.com or 757-714-2257). He’ll meet you for lunch, coffee or something informal to clue you in on the vision, plan and values of the church plant. Seriously, when’s the last time you were part of something bigger than yourself?



It’s Spring 2015! Yay for warm weather. Currently we’re meeting once every few weeks with a growing launch team. Here’s our long term approach:

Spring-Summer 2015

  • Build launch team to 20 adults (currently 12).
  • Kevin and Beth move to Portsmouth
  • Begin volunteering with local charities

Fall 2015 

  • Build launch team to 30 adults
  • Launch weekly Bible studies/worship experiences (non-Sunday)
  • Launch two large campaigns to raise awareness/money for local charities
  • Announce Sunday services launch date
  • Begin advertising/inviting to Launch Sunday

Winter 2015/2016

  • Enlist/train kids ministry volunteers
  • Launch Sunday morning services
  • Form weekly small groups on both sides of the Elizabeth
  • Begin regular financial support of local charities

Currently we’re raising funds to make this possible. Pray for the launch team. This is the most critical piece to this puzzle.

Project Portsmouth Wish List


We get asked all the time what we need to purchase before the church launches (hopefully this Fall). Here’s a break down by time frame:


1. We need a macbook pro to continue design projects and finish the website. We found a refurbished macbook that has the specs we need (heavy video card) here. To purchase a macbook with a heavy video card new would be very expensive.


1. We will need a snake like this.

2. Portable speakers will be a necessity.

3. We will need a soundboard.

4. We will start with four of these mics.

5. This case will store equipment and serve as a live sound station.

Of course there’s more we’ll need. Here’s a growing list of items we need before we launch.

Our 2015 Schedule


January 4 AM- Calvary in Norman OK

January 4 PM- Fort Gibson in Fort Gibson OK

January 11 AM- Glad Tidings in Asheboro NC

January 11 PM- Faith in Goldsboro NC

January 18 AM- First in Dothan AL

January 18 PM- New Home in Colquitt GA

January 25 AM- Cookeville in Cookeville TN

January 25 PM- Heads in Cedar Hill TN

February 1 AM- Grace in Louisa VA

February 8 AM- Five Points in Washington NC

February 8 PM- Great Bridge in Chesapeake VA

February 15 AM- Bethel in Woodbridge VA

February 15 PM- Good News in Chesterfield VA

February 22 AM- First in San Diego CA

February 22 PM- First in Bakersfield CA

February 25- Emmanuel in Wabash IN

March 1 AM- CrossLife in Indianapolis IN

March 1 PM- First in Claypool IN

March 8 AM- First in Washington NC

March 8 PM- Hilltop in Fuquay Varina NC

March 15 AM- Forest Grove in Knoxville TN

March 15 PM- Oak Grove in Greenville TN

March 22 AM- Unity in Chesapeake VA

March 22 PM- Unity in Greenville NC

March 29 AM- Cross Timbers in Nashville TN

March 29 PM- Bethel in Ashland City TN

April 5 AM- Easter

April 5 PM- Available

April 12 AM- East 38 in Anderson IN

April 12 PM- Available

April 19 AM- Available

April 19 PM- Hardin Valley in Knoxville TN

April 26 AM- First in Gastonia NC

April 26 PM- Canaan in Lancaster SC

May 3- Available

May 10- Available

May 17- Available

May 24- Available

May 31 AM- Available

May 31 PM- Evergreen in Erwin TN

June 7- Available

June 14- Available near EASTERN NC

June 21- Available in Oklahoma/Arkansas/Missouri

June 28- Available in Oklahoma/Arkansas/Missouri

July 5- Available in Oklahoma/Arkansas/Missouri

July 12- Available in Oklahoma/Arkansas/Missouri

July 19- Available in Michigan

July 26- Available

August 2- Available

August 9- Available

August 16- Available

August 23- Available

August 30 AM- Calvary in Glendale Springs NC


We have two very specific items we will need in 2015. In a few weeks we’ll be transitioning into a more mobile work environment as we travel full time. Here are two tools we need to purchase:

1. We will need a macbook pro capable of handling large graphic design projects, short video editing projects, and eventually mobile church presentation software. As a result, it will need a good graphics card. Here’s what we’re looking to purchase. We’ve been using CrossPointe’s iMac this year, but will no longer be on site come January 1st.


2. We’ll also need to purchase a new projector. Our current projector has managed to last 7 years! It’s on its last leg, unfortunately. We’re hoping to purchase this.

*Someone recently gave to take care of this need!

We know that’s a tall order, but it’s basically all we’ll need to purchase over the next 6 months. If you or your church would like to help Project Portsmouth click here to give, or contact us (marcneppl@gmail.com) about purchasing them outright and having them shipped to our door.


ps THANK YOU for a great year of partnership in 2014!

What type of church are you trying to plant?

Often we are asked what the church in Portsmouth will look like. People wonder what type of music or venue we’ll use. We put little emphasis on the aesthetics and much emphasis on the purpose of a church-plant. Here’s our answer broken down:

  1. We will plant a church that seeks to reach people in all walks of life with the gospel.
    • Simple, right? But it’s not. People complicate the gospel with with preferences and predetermined ideas about who they reach, what the church looks like, how the worship is expressed, etc. We could care less what type of building we meet in. We have our own musical preferences, but it won’t hurt our feelings if our musical tastes take a back seat. We love 200 year old stone church buildings, but we’re not afraid of meeting in a rented facility for years. What we are very passionate about is the gospel. Is it being proclaimed in the music, the reading, the preaching, the lives of the leaders?
    •  Jesus reached people in all walks of life. That’s our goal: to build a community of believers that is diverse culturally, economically and generationally. We desire to establish a community of radical followers of Jesus that are being conformed to His image.
  2. It’s our desire to plant a culturally diverse church, that understands when we all give a little (culturally and regarding our comfort zones), we gain a lot.
    • Our outreach will be deliberate and focused on all demographics.
    • This will also require diversity in leadership. I am not trying to be the white boy pastor that tells black folks how to improve (whiten) their lives. I need leadership that is as diverse as the community itself. 
    • This will look different than the average suburban anglo church where most young caucasians would feel comfortable. There will be tension as cultures and stereotypes clash, but it’ll be worth it.
  3. We have audacious dreams of supporting local charities and ministries in the region.
    • We want to support the Southeast Foodbank of Virginia and CHKD in a big way financially. We want to put our money where our mouth is and be known as a church that’s generous in it’s community.
    • We will partner with charities like EDMARC, Hope Charitable Services, and the local Union Mission. Volunteering and partnering with local ministries will allow us to show them we aren’t coming here to attempt to change a city by ourselves. There’s good work on the ground already and we’re here to support those efforts.
  4. We hope to influence students.
    • We plan to start college campus outreach within 2 years of launching.
    • College campuses are the most diverse sections of most cities.
    • Our goal is a Bible study on campus at the ODU tri-cities campus in Portsmouth, TCC campus in Portsmouth and ODU main campus in Norfolk.
    • We will mentor students into dynamic, gospel-centered business and culture leaders.
  5. We desire to serve.
    • We hope to equip our people to serve inside our community, as well as around the world.
    • We want to be a church that supports missions financially by making big sacrifices.
    • We want to partner with international missionaries to take the gospel around the world.

How do you do all that?


I know, “…great set of dreams Marc, but sounds unlikely at best.” This won’t take place over night. We have benchmarks we hope to meet (self-supporting in 5 years, college campus ministry in 2 years, launch a new church plant within 7 years, etc), but we are dedicated to these goals. Here’s what we’re doing right now:

  • We’re trusting God. He’s already lining up a young, diverse crew to help us launch. The majority of people desiring to plant with us are young, single dudes. That’s the least likely bunch to find at church.
  • We’re meeting with local leaders. I’ve been meeting with local pastors of many denominations and backgrounds. I’m seeking their advice and prayer support. We know we don’t have the answers. We just have the opportunity to serve and give. That’s what we want to do.
  • We’re raising up financial and prayer partners. We’re currently fundraising for a few specific things: church plant expenses, and launch costs. We’re about 20% of the way to our goal of $2500/month for expenses (rental facility, insurance, outreach). We’ve raised about 22% toward our launch costs goal of $50,000.


click here to partner with us financially

prayer requests November 2014

Please pray with us for a few specific requests:


  • We have been meeting with potential launch team members over the past few months. Pray for the right team, not the biggest.
  • Rec centers, a former synagogue, a skating rink, and a local sports hall of fame… Just a few of the possible launch locations we’ve inspected and are considering.
  • We have some meetings coming up with local pastors and leaders in the community. We are praying that we can learn from their experience, as well as partner with them in many ways over the next few years.
  • We are scheduling services for spring 2015. Pray we partner with the right churches and individuals.
  • Jim Yates (member at CrossPointe) just had major heart surgery and is recovering. He’s a real servant and hates missing church.
  • Greg Willis (CrossPointe member) is awaiting a transplant and could really use your prayers.


Thanks for praying with us for Portsmouth!