2012 Winter Update

Hey everybody, been a while since we sent an email update, so here it goes.

This winter has been crazy warm (you already knew that). That being said attendence hasn’t dropped off like most cold winters. Overall attendence is up, offerings are on the rise, and we are still paying down our mortgages on the church…God is good. We had 2 people receive Christ after watching Courageous at church one night last month. Our teenagers are bringing friends to church (always cool).

We had some babies get dedicated (always brings visitors). We started 40 days of prayer leading up to our revival at the end of March with David’s dad, Dr. Sexton. Overall, God has been so good to the church. I’m glad Jesus promised He’d build His church. That’s a promise we can depend on!

We started some Q&A with our teenagers, check out the post before this one on our blog. It’s going really well. We have been driving alot and have alot more driving to do: missions summit, services, camps, etc. Wouldn’t you know as soon as we start driving more, gas starts creeping up!

Personal prayer requests: Pray for our account, last month we came in about 22% short of what we needed to break even. We are still looking for 10 more churches to put us in their budgets. Pray for Casie, she’s been really busy lately. Since we moved her commute is an hour and a half every day. She’s taking piano lessons, working on her Masters, and teaching full time (she’s pretty much amazing at everything, ever).