2013 by the numbers

In 2013 our church averaged 116 in morning worship attendance (up from 115 last year). Our Sunday evening crowd was 80 (up from 73 in 2012). Wednesday Bible studies grew to 63 (55 in 2012). We had 227 first time guests (down from 311 in 2012), and our offerings grew by 6%. In 2013 we saw 14 trust Christ (23 in 2012). Well, there they are. The numbers don’t lie and God’s been good. We are working on our budget and constitution to get ready for self-supporting status later this year. Hope you are staying warm this winter!


P.S. Here are some graphs we’ve been putting together for our historical timeline of averages.









What the Burrito taught me about church


burrito loco- basically a fajita burrito smothered in white cheese

Casie and I recently discovered this awesome little mexican joint in Chesapeake called Rancho Grande. We tried the Burrito Loco-easily the best piece of mexican food I have ever eaten. Casie and I were enjoying our meal when I thought, “this is my new place for mexican.” My mind is always on church planting, so I got to thinking about this burrito in relation to church. Three ideas came to mind.

1. Location and facilities are over-rated.

The place wasn’t the hippest, most modern restaurant in the newest development in town. It was a simple little mexican restaurant with great service and excellent food. Too often churches and church people convince themselves that their church would grow if they just had a better location, or a bigger better building with all the bells and whistles. People will look past your facilities’ shortcomings if you have something to offer them spiritually and relationally.

2. Friendly service is a must, when dealing with people.

Rancho Grande gets you seated fast, and before you know it there is a bowl of chips some salsa and a drink within arm’s reach. But most importantly, the servers and staff are extremely friendly. I have had great service many times, but friendly service is a rarity these days. Sometimes I find myself so focused on getting the service ready on Sundays that before I know it, I have walked right by visitors and regulars in such a hurry I fail to greet them. People are used to churches pulling off great services. What they are looking for is churches that love people in a great way.

3. Most importantly, keep the main thing the main thing-Nothing matters more than the FOOOOD!

If everything else went great and my Burrito Loco sent me home sick, which part do you think I would remember. Rancho Grande does alot of things right, but they keep the main thing the main thing- food. Many churches have gotten so caught up in being the latest, greatest, most high-tech (nothing wrong with these things- we should strive for excellence in everything),  that they have made the main thing the “not-so main thing.” If every aspect of our church is awesome, but we don’t keep the main thing the main thing, we can count on failure. We can’t allow Christ to take a back seat to the tools we use to preach Him. Here’s my point if people come and enjoy themselves but don’t get fed, we haven’t accomplished what God has called us to do. When we keep Christ the main thing, everything else just doesn’t seem to matter as much.

Just my thoughts as I ate an awesome burrito one evening.

I eat really fast

I really enjoy eating, fast...I think it takes me 3-4 minutes to down this burrito

the best feeling

the best feeling- being full of good food