It’s Spring 2015! Yay for warm weather. Currently we’re meeting once every few weeks with a growing launch team. Here’s our long term approach:

Spring-Summer 2015

  • Build launch team to 20 adults (currently 12).
  • Kevin and Beth move to Portsmouth
  • Begin volunteering with local charities

Fall 2015 

  • Build launch team to 30 adults
  • Launch weekly Bible studies/worship experiences (non-Sunday)
  • Launch two large campaigns to raise awareness/money for local charities
  • Announce Sunday services launch date
  • Begin advertising/inviting to Launch Sunday

Winter 2015/2016

  • Enlist/train kids ministry volunteers
  • Launch Sunday morning services
  • Form weekly small groups on both sides of the Elizabeth
  • Begin regular financial support of local charities

Currently we’re raising funds to make this possible. Pray for the launch team. This is the most critical piece to this puzzle.