It’s Spring 2015! Yay for warm weather. Currently we’re meeting once every few weeks with a growing launch team. Here’s our long term approach:

Spring-Summer 2015

  • Build launch team to 20 adults (currently 12).
  • Kevin and Beth move to Portsmouth
  • Begin volunteering with local charities

Fall 2015 

  • Build launch team to 30 adults
  • Launch weekly Bible studies/worship experiences (non-Sunday)
  • Launch two large campaigns to raise awareness/money for local charities
  • Announce Sunday services launch date
  • Begin advertising/inviting to Launch Sunday

Winter 2015/2016

  • Enlist/train kids ministry volunteers
  • Launch Sunday morning services
  • Form weekly small groups on both sides of the Elizabeth
  • Begin regular financial support of local charities

Currently we’re raising funds to make this possible. Pray for the launch team. This is the most critical piece to this puzzle.


Winter Update

Hey guys,

Hope you made it through Christmas and the New year in one piece. We just wanted to share a quick update from Suffolk. We just finished the year in review for 2012. We averaged about 115 for Sunday morning services in 2012, over 70 on Sunday nights, and 55 on Wednesdays. We had 311 visitors in 2012. We know of 23 that trusted Christ in 2012. So far our Winter attendance has remained strong, and God continues to bless.

I recently preached a four part series at CrossPointe called “Four conversations that changed the world.” Here are the sermon videos (side-note, the audio in the first two was acting up, we edited it the best we could)

the church has a steeple


A few months ago, a church in the area donated their old steeple to our church. They were moving to a new building and the old building was due to be demolished. We finally secured help from a bucket truck, and today the steeple is secure on top of our building. We couldn’t have done it without the help of masny guys in our church. They sanded, painted, and framed in the support brackets.

 Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!

-Marc and Casie