Top Ten signs you attended the NAFWB Convention in 2010

10. You left your Bible in your seat, in an effort to get your name in the Convention News lost and found.

9. You have a strange compulsion to feed everything to the fire ants.

8. You learned that when a preacher says “in conclusion” it means he has 35 minutes of notes left.

7. You were in a crowd of 6,000 people, of which only 50 know that twitter is not a bird in the arena.

6. You debated coming this year, until you heard Lay Gaga was coming too.

5. Your favorite song this year was “the chick-fila song.”

4. You still don’t know who WBC was there to picket, us or Lady Gaga?

3. You thought it would be funny to unplug the sound cable on Tuesday night.

2. You found out that International Missions is 75 years old. Conicidentally 75 is also the average age of  most FWB’s.

1. You felt a real sense of pride when the missionaries from around the world walked in to a standing ovation on Wednesday night. Moments like that help us realize how great God is and how much He is doing through His people all around the world.