Thanks for a great year

ImageWell, 2013 is coming to a close. It’s been a good year for CrossPointe. It’s been a good year for Casie and me. This year our church paid off the second mortgage and took a huge step toward self-supporting status. The church gave $40,000 to missions in 2013. We are still working on year end totals for attendance, salvation decisions, etc. None of it would have been possible without your prayers and support.



Winter Update

Hey guys,

Hope you made it through Christmas and the New year in one piece. We just wanted to share a quick update from Suffolk. We just finished the year in review for 2012. We averaged about 115 for Sunday morning services in 2012, over 70 on Sunday nights, and 55 on Wednesdays. We had 311 visitors in 2012. We know of 23 that trusted Christ in 2012. So far our Winter attendance has remained strong, and God continues to bless.

I recently preached a four part series at CrossPointe called “Four conversations that changed the world.” Here are the sermon videos (side-note, the audio in the first two was acting up, we edited it the best we could)

4 year Anniversary weekend recap

This weekend, CrossPointe celebrated four years in ministry. We kicked things off with a big cookout we called Community Day. We had free food, cotton candy, snow cones, 5 inflatables, and a 27 team cornhole tournament. On Tuesday, we sent out 10,000 postcards advertising the event and our service Sunday. The cookout was a blast. Tons of people came out. Many of them had never been to our church. We could barely keep the hamburgers coming fast enough for all our hungry guests. We went through almost 300 hamburgers in just 3 hours (they were so good I ate two, I saw a few people grab even more, thanks Jeremy for the hamburger hookup!). Here are some pictures of the event.

the corn hole tournament was packed!

time to eat!

Our Sunday services went really well too. We had a ton of visitors from the cookout come to church. We had 154 people in service. Our elements class had 6 first time kids in it. It was incredible to see so many visitors. Many commented how friendly our church had been at the cookout on Saturday. Here are some pictures of the service, as well as the video of the entire service. Enjoy!

God has been good to us in th last four years!

We love seeing people praise Jesus’ name!

2012 Winter Update

Hey everybody, been a while since we sent an email update, so here it goes.

This winter has been crazy warm (you already knew that). That being said attendence hasn’t dropped off like most cold winters. Overall attendence is up, offerings are on the rise, and we are still paying down our mortgages on the church…God is good. We had 2 people receive Christ after watching Courageous at church one night last month. Our teenagers are bringing friends to church (always cool).

We had some babies get dedicated (always brings visitors). We started 40 days of prayer leading up to our revival at the end of March with David’s dad, Dr. Sexton. Overall, God has been so good to the church. I’m glad Jesus promised He’d build His church. That’s a promise we can depend on!

We started some Q&A with our teenagers, check out the post before this one on our blog. It’s going really well. We have been driving alot and have alot more driving to do: missions summit, services, camps, etc. Wouldn’t you know as soon as we start driving more, gas starts creeping up!

Personal prayer requests: Pray for our account, last month we came in about 22% short of what we needed to break even. We are still looking for 10 more churches to put us in their budgets. Pray for Casie, she’s been really busy lately. Since we moved her commute is an hour and a half every day. She’s taking piano lessons, working on her Masters, and teaching full time (she’s pretty much amazing at everything, ever).

10 Fundraising ideas for teenagers

Our kids are going to camp this summer, and as always we need to raise some money to offset the price of camp. So we are looking at a few of our options for raising some dough. Here are some ideas I found, have used, or have seen others use. These could be used for camp, missions trip, leadership retreat, etc.

Car Wash/ Yard Sale– we’ll probably do this in a few weeks now that we have our own location and lots of room for stuff and washing cars.

Bake sale

Teen Auction- auction off teenagers at your church for 4 hours of labor, boys could do yard work, while girls clean, etc.

Dinner Sale- Have the teens prepare and serve a huge banquet style dinner, sell tickets before hand and at the door.

Donut Sale- Krispy Kreme sells fundraising boxes at a discount so you can sell them for a profit. Have the kids sell them at school, or from your church parking lot with a big sign during rush hour traffic.

Babysitting Night- Have the teens watch kids at the church so all the parents at church with kids can go on a nice date, ask for donations, or charge 1 or 2 dollars per child per hour.

Silent Auction- Have the kids make something, arts and crafts, woodworking, or donate something. Have an auction at church where people sign their name to a bid for an amount on each item during a 20 minute auction viewing period. Announce the winners afterward. Paintings, Drawings, Custom t-shirts, Birdhouses, Framed Photographs, etc. Michaels has tons of premade crafts ready to just add paint.

Talent Show-Have the kids sign up to perform a talent: singing, comedy, drama, instrumental, etc. Sell tickets to the show before hand and at the door.

Arm Band Sale– order custom armbands from somewhere like 8-23 cents a piece), and have the teens sell them to their friends for $1.00. The arm band could advertise your church, mission trip, youth group, or the camp.

Fundraising Letters- Help the teens write letters explaining about the camp or missions trip. In the letter ask for a donation. Have the teens send these letters to all thier relatives and friends.

Friend Day and Revival

March 27th was our friend day at CrossPointe, it also kicked off Revival at our church with Karl Sexton (David’s brother). On Friend Day we had 127 in attendence for the morning and Revival attendence was in the high 90’s for most of the week. We had a lot of guests on Friend Day as well as during Revival. This past Wednesday we had four people attend Bible study who have been coming since the Revival. Here are some pictures and videos of the services.

turning a funeral home into a church

A while back we had our first service in the new building. 92 people gathered at 2460 Pruden Boulevard for our first ever Sunday morning service in the building. The last few weeks have been busy. We spent a lot of time building, painting, hanging drywall, installing new electrical, etc. That day it all came together and it looked great. I got to thinking, there are a lot of churches looking for a place to meet, so here are some ideas we’ve run across recently:

Funeral Homes

Movie Theaters

Rec Centers


Local bowling alleys

College auditoriums

Skating rinks

Convetion Centers


Here are some pictures of the process of turning the funeral home into a church.