Winter Update

Hey guys,

Hope you made it through Christmas and the New year in one piece. We just wanted to share a quick update from Suffolk. We just finished the year in review for 2012. We averaged about 115 for Sunday morning services in 2012, over 70 on Sunday nights, and 55 on Wednesdays. We had 311 visitors in 2012. We know of 23 that trusted Christ in 2012. So far our Winter attendance has remained strong, and God continues to bless.

I recently preached a four part series at CrossPointe called “Four conversations that changed the world.” Here are the sermon videos (side-note, the audio in the first two was acting up, we edited it the best we could)


Friend Day and Revival

March 27th was our friend day at CrossPointe, it also kicked off Revival at our church with Karl Sexton (David’s brother). On Friend Day we had 127 in attendence for the morning and Revival attendence was in the high 90’s for most of the week. We had a lot of guests on Friend Day as well as during Revival. This past Wednesday we had four people attend Bible study who have been coming since the Revival. Here are some pictures and videos of the services.

Why I love kid’s ministry


When I was in college I had a real fear of speaking to children under the age of 10. A large part of my ministry at CrossPointe is teaching kids of every age. Speaking to Teens and Adults has always been relatively comfortable to me, but speaking to little ones presented a unique challenge that I didn’t want to tackle. I had to learn to let go. I had to learn to get out of my confort zone. To really communicate with kids I can’t be concerned with how I look or sound. To be honest I know for a fact I look really silly when I am teaching the kids sometimes. However, that is when I really connect with the kids. The kids aren’t impressed with a college degree, alliterated points, perfectly timed transitions, etc. Actually the kids love silly little illustrations about my dog Griffin.

I love that every Sunday morning I get to worship with kids who enjoy real worship, enjoy having a good time learning about God, and enjoy allowing Jesus to change their hearts. Shouldn’t we as Christians have the faith of a child? I believe we should have the faith of a child, as well as the joy kids seem to hold on to through the toughest of situations. Just a random thought after a long rewarding day in kid’s ministry.

How the internet has enabled churches

Our church is just getting started. We are still a small community of believers who are trying to reach a city. We have never averaged over 100 in attendence. We are one of the newest churches in Suffolk. However, online, none of that matters. I have worked hard getting our church online credibility. When you search “church suffolk” in google in our area (google knows your location) our website is number 2 on the first page. This is a direct result from our site being linked heavily, optimized for search engines and thoroughly prepared for google’s spyders. I encourage you to search church in you area and see where you rank in the page results. I say all of that to show you that online your church isn’t limited by location, number of pews, age of the building, etc. People looking for a church in Suffolk don’t know we aren’t the biggest, best, etc. They just know we are one of the first sites recommended by google to visit. I’d love to tell you we have thousands of people visiting, but we don’t. We have had over 600 visitors in just over 2 years. Many come from invites or postcards we send, but I guarantee many check us out online before coming the first time. Here are 3 benefits the internet affords the modern church today.

It enables churches to have a 24/7 billboard for little to no cost. We started our website before our church launched in 2008. Every month our website gets between 300 and 700 clicks. Sadly only aout half of those cicks are unique visitors. But that’s still 150 people checking out our church. The website allows them to see where we are located, what our services are like, what we have for children, etc. People want to know as much as possible before they visit a church.

It gives people who can’t make it to church anymore a way to still watch/listen as if they were there. Undoubtedly your church has people who are nearing retirement. Many people love their church, but as their bodies age they can’t come as frequently as they’d like. Our sermons are online for anyone to watch, but older church people especially love to feel like they still have a way to be connected. Of course many older poeple have a hard time with computers, but as time goes on the population (even retired peopl) will have more experience with computers.

It gives churches a global reach unlike anything else in history. The other day I was looking at the stats for our videos online. We host at Their site allows me to see how many times a video was loaded, played, and finished. A video is loaded any time a webpage with our sermon video on it is visited. Our sermons are embedded in my personal blog here, on our church website, and on a few smaller sites. It is played any time someone presses play, and it is finished when someone actually watches all of the video. Since we started uploading sermons, they have been loaded 26,715 times, they have only been played 1,485 times, and the saddest number= only 107 finishes. Now those are pretty sobering numbers when I consider how much time I invest in our website and it’s video content. However, there is a silver lining. Our videos have been played in South Korea, Germany, France, Japan, India, Canada, Romania, Great Britain, Philippines, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Taiwan, Indonesia, Barbados, Moldova, Australia, Sri Lanka, and Costa Rica. Now, we are a small church, and our website isn’t even a blip on the map compared to many large churches in the world and online, but just think, if our little church can have any impact in that many countries (however small it may be) how much impact is the church as a global community having online!

So I guess my conclusion is: the internet is allowing us to expand the impact of the church far beyond our walls, our community, our state, and even beyond our borders. If our small church can have a little impact, how big an impact can a church of 200, 500, 1,500 have? What if everyone in your church posted a link to your church on facebook? Technology has allowed us a unique opportunity like never before. May we embrace every opportunity to make much of Christ.

What’s up in Suffolk

Hey everybody,

It’s been crazy around here lately and I just realized it’s been 2 months since we updated our blog! Thought I’d let you in on what’s been going on at CrossPointe. 2011 is off to a great start. We have seen an increase in giving at the church. Right now we really need to get our $200,000 down payment 5 year loan paid off. It’s killing us with an almost $4,000/month payment. Some good news is that we have been awarded almost $30,000 from home missions to go toward paying it off. Want some more great news? Casie and I just got our statement from Home Missions. October and December 0f 2010 were two of the biggest months our missions account has EVER seen. October came in at 167% and December came in at 145% For the first time in a long time we have a little bit of a surplus! After spending most of 2010 with an empty account, it’s amazing to now have a little left over after 2010. He knows what we need, when we need it.

God has been good to our ministry in alot of ways lately. Our Teen class on Sunday mornings is now averaging 15 a week. This is up from our average of 10 a week. Awanas is also off to a great start this winter. We had one Sunday night (when Awanas meets) with over 75 people! It’s been great to see our kids and Teenagers growing in Christ. Our attendence is holding strong in the 80’s even in the midst of a chilly winter.

I want to ask you guys to pray for a few needs we have right now. Please pray for some converts who have now openly declared they no longer believe in God. They are very friendly and want to remain close. Please pray God would show Himself to this couple. Please also pray for us as we strive to pay off the down payment. If we can shed that debt, and  increase giving by 50% we’ll be very close to being a self-supporting work. Thanks for all your prayers and support. You guys are the best!

Marc and Casie

CrossPointe update

We are excited to tell you about what’s been going on recently at CrossPointe. We started AWANAS a few weeks ago on Sunday nights, as well as our youth service for teenagers. Last Sunday night we had 79 come to church for the evening service. Nine of those were visitors. The kids and teenagers have really enjoyed the new ministries, and we are excited about the future generations of our church. The week before that was Fall Back Sunday. We had over 90 people in church that morning, and 17 in our Teen Sunday School class. That is the most we’ve ever seen in our Teen class. It was exciting to see so many new families, as well as some returning families.

We are still trying to find the best option for a baptistry. Pray we find one soon, because we have 11 people waiting to be abptized. Also please pray for us as we begin investigating how difficult a steeple would be to put up. The city will probably have some requirements, but we are hoping to get a small one soon.

CrossPointe has largest attendence in history

Yesterday was one of those days you work toward for months, and before you know it it’s over in a flash. For weeks we have been preparing for our GRAND OPENING service in our new building. Postcards were mailed, invitations were handed out, and friends were invited. As a result we had 202 people at church yesterday for worship, and 102 for Sunday School. We had a great day with many visitors. Larry Powell (Director of Home Missions) was with us and taught us in Sunday School. We also had the youth group from Unity FWB Church watch the service in our overflow room.

The saturday before the Grand Opening we had a community day with free food and games. We had lots of visitors stop in and check us out. Many came back the next day for the service. Here are some pictures of the community day and the Sunday service.