10 Fundraising ideas for teenagers

Our kids are going to camp this summer, and as always we need to raise some money to offset the price of camp. So we are looking at a few of our options for raising some dough. Here are some ideas I found, have used, or have seen others use. These could be used for camp, missions trip, leadership retreat, etc.

Car Wash/ Yard Sale– we’ll probably do this in a few weeks now that we have our own location and lots of room for stuff and washing cars.

Bake sale

Teen Auction- auction off teenagers at your church for 4 hours of labor, boys could do yard work, while girls clean, etc.

Dinner Sale- Have the teens prepare and serve a huge banquet style dinner, sell tickets before hand and at the door.

Donut Sale- Krispy Kreme sells fundraising boxes at a discount so you can sell them for a profit. Have the kids sell them at school, or from your church parking lot with a big sign during rush hour traffic.

Babysitting Night- Have the teens watch kids at the church so all the parents at church with kids can go on a nice date, ask for donations, or charge 1 or 2 dollars per child per hour.

Silent Auction- Have the kids make something, arts and crafts, woodworking, or donate something. Have an auction at church where people sign their name to a bid for an amount on each item during a 20 minute auction viewing period. Announce the winners afterward. Paintings, Drawings, Custom t-shirts, Birdhouses, Framed Photographs, etc. Michaels has tons of premade crafts ready to just add paint.

Talent Show-Have the kids sign up to perform a talent: singing, comedy, drama, instrumental, etc. Sell tickets to the show before hand and at the door.

Arm Band Sale– order custom armbands from somewhere like armbands.com(usually 8-23 cents a piece), and have the teens sell them to their friends for $1.00. The arm band could advertise your church, mission trip, youth group, or the camp.

Fundraising Letters- Help the teens write letters explaining about the camp or missions trip. In the letter ask for a donation. Have the teens send these letters to all thier relatives and friends.